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Crochet for Beginners: Ombre Kitchen Kit

I enjoy teaching brand new beginners how to crochet.  It is so much fun to introduce someone to the craft!  I designed the Ombre Kitchen Kit as a series of skill building patterns to teach basic stitches like the chain stitch, single crochet, slip stitch, half double crochet, and double crochet, and fundamental techniques like working in rows, joining two pieces of crochet, changing colors, working in rounds, and working in a spiral.

You Will Need:

  • Pattern for Ombre Kitchen Kit 
  • Crochet Hook H-8/5.0mm
  • Basic Yarn Craft Kit:  Small Scissors, Soft Tape Measure or Ruler, Yarn Needle, Removable Stitch Markers.  (You probably have perfectly good substitutes lying around, like kids safety scissors, 12" ruler, a large eyed needle, and safety pins.)
  • 4 skeins Worsted (4) Weight Yarn.  [Since this is a kitchen project, be sure to use 100% cotton yarn.]  200g/280yds Yarn A (Solid) and 200g/280yds Yarn B (Multicolored)
Project #1:  Double Thick Potholder
Project #2:  Skill Building Dishcloths
Project #3:  Diagonal Ombre Trivet

Project #4:  Round Ombre Trivet
Remember to grab the pattern for Ombre Kitchen Kit from Ravelry!  

This is not a free pattern.  I put a lot of work into designing, beta-testing, and technical editing for this collection, which includes five patterns and very detailed instructions for basic stitches and fundamental techniques.  Since I do not use affiliate marketing or intrusive advertising, pattern sales are the main source of income for this blog.  Your support will help keep Vintage Vixen Press up and running!


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